How much does it cost?

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In the past, a book on local history, with a first print run of 500 books, could only be published when the money to cover the publishing and printing costs could be raised. For a 200 page, full colour cover paperback book, these costs could be as much as £6,000 (€7,000) which is a significant outlay without any guarantee of a return.
Now with First Edition Publications, an author can set up a publication in any major language for as little as £250 (€300) provided that the text is supplied proofed in any of the popular word processing formats.
First Edition Publications can then produce five copies for final proofing and author approval. For this service, you pay a management fee and if you require additional services such as transcription from a manuscript, proofing, formatting or graphic design services, then these are added to the management fee.
To obtain a quote for your publication, please click here.
After that, the author can order as many copies as required according to the number of orders on hand.
These are ordered through First Edition Publications and the lead time is normally around ten working days.

Don’t forget, the minimum number of books you can order is ONE!

And the maximum number that you can order is unlimited. You only pay for what you order.
And the beauty of this arrangement is that the book is only produced when the order and payment has been received from your buyers!

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