Placing Your Order

Following receipt of your enquiry, First Edition Publications will provide you with a quotation for the publication of your work together with a copy of our current terms and conditions. The quotation is valid for 30 days and on receipt of your authority to proceed, First Edition Publications will set the publishing process in motion.
If all content and artwork is supplied ready for print – this is, the document has been formatted, properly justified, checked for grammar and spelling, checked for correct page numbering and both front and back covers are supplied ready for press, then First Edition Publications can have a proof copy ready for your approval within two working weeks, depending on the publication format you choose.
Where a source document requires formatting to meet the print specifications, justification, grammar and spell checking, page numbering and the preparation of both front and back covers, then this will add to the production timetable. The time involved will depend on the complexity of the document, the number of pages for publication and the availability of our sub contractors.
Hardback books may take a little longer while certain paperback formats may well take a lot less.
First Edition Publications will then produce a proof copy of your publication which you can then check for any changes that you feel may be necessary. You can then make these to the original source document or, if you prefer, First Edition Publications can make these changes under your direction.
Once you have made any changes required, First Edition Publications can, if required, source a further, final proof copy for your sign off as the final version.
Having agreed the final version, First Edition Publications will arrange for the production and delivery of the publication in compliance with the agreed, original quotation.
If, at some future date, you require any number of additional copies of your publication, then these can be produced at a very competitive rate – and there are no further fees involved – the only charges are for actual printing and delivery.

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