Documents can be bound in a number of ways according to the number of pages in the document and the format of the document. For example, a 40 page A4 booklet could simply be stapled with two staples holding the document together – this is known as “saddle” stitching..  However, a 120 page A4 document would be too big for staples and would be perfect bound where all the pages are glued together to the spine. This is the ideal binding for a “paperback novel” style 200 page book in the popular 6” X 9” format.
Coil binding is also an option for all publication sizes. This is a popular option for business proposal documents and dissertations.
First Edition Publications can also offer a hardback option complete with a dust jacket option. The minimum number of pages in a hardback format is 96. In this format, pages will be bound in sewn sections which will then be glued together into the spine for extra quality and added strength. This is an ideal format for the publication of a thesis.
Irrespective of your choice, First Edition Publications can advise clients on all the binding options available for their particular choice of document format.

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