Supplying Your Text

You can forward your text to First Edition Publications in almost any popular word processing programme. First Edition Publications will then convert your text into the format necessary for the publication process.
If you wish, we can provide a Microsoft Word template for most popular book sizes including A4 and the popular 6X9 paperback book format.
If your text is supplied “fully proofed,” then this will keep your costs to a minimum. If your document is fully formatted in terms of page numbering, justification, headers, footers, line spacing and illustrations, then again you can enjoy major savings. This is good news for business customers who will already have a fully prepared document ready for print.
If necessary, we can work from original documents, either hand written or printed. Where printed documents are the original source, we can attempt to scan these into a word processing format and the results depend on the quality of the originals. Professional proofing and formatting (layout) services are available to First Edition Publications clients at an additional cost.
Where documents are hand written, we can have these typed into a word processing format which can be used in the publication process. All authors retain their rights to the electronic version which they can use at any time for their own purposes. Please do not send original hand written manuscripts – we cannot accept responsibility for their safekeeping.

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