Northern Divisions


Jim McDermott

First published in 2001, NORTHERN DIVISIONS was a best seller and it pieces together the history of Belfast republicanism around the time of partition.

Who were the Belfast republicans of the early 1920s?

How were they organised and how did they relate to the larger republican movement in Ireland?

Why did so many republican personnel in the city opt for a pro-Treaty stance?

Above all, what did the Belfast IRA do and why were the survivors of the period so silent about their involvement afterwards?

Historian and retired teacher Jim McDermott set out to answer these questions and in his research, many hitherto undiscovered primary sources of information on who was involved, what went on and the subsequent consequences, came to light.

Belfast, like much of the rest of the North, was a difficult place at this time in history and NORTHERN DIVISIONS traces the timelines of this important period in great detail. Over the years, this book has become a collector’s item and it is to be found on the bookshelves of almost every historian with an interest in this important period of our collective history.

Original copies of the 2001 edition, first published by Beyond The Pale Publications are now very scarce and earlier this year, Jim decided to republish NORTHERN DIVISIONS on foot of many requests to do so. This new edition will be available in late 2012.

You can reach the Joe McKelvey archive here.

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