There’s a book in all of us…..

I think every man and every woman should write a book before it’s too late.

Even if it’s not published it could be left there to be perused by anybody who might come along… It’s an awful shame that men should die filled with untapped wisdom and knowledge, a shame that they should fade away with no one benefiting from their stores of agony and grief and suffering from the sum of their experiences in the journey from cradle to grave.

There’s a book in everyone…

What good is money if it cannot be spent. In the same way, what good is knowledge if it cannot be passed on. By knowledge I mean the good and the bad experiences that will help those that you are leaving behind.
The book is there, inside you, in your face and in your hands and in your heart and mind.

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John B. Keane

And maybe, that’s where we might be able to help.

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If you are a professional speaker…

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John B. Keane was born in 1928 in Listowel, County Kerry and it was here that he spent his literary career, running a pub which provided him with inspiration for his characters and ideas.
His first play, Sive, was presented by the Listowel Drama Group and won the All-Ireland Drama Festival in 1959. It was followed by another success, Sharon’s Grave, in 1960. The Field (1965) and Big Maggie (1969), are widely regarded as classics of the modern Irish stage and jewels in a crown which includes such popular hits as Many Young Men of Twenty, The Man from Clare, Moll, The Chastitute and The Year of the Hiker.

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