Are you a professional speaker?

Gerry Faloona
If you are a professional speaker with an archive of resource material, then First Edition Publications can help you maximise your earning potential. By simply converting these resources into a published work, your audience will have access to a permanent record of your session and what’s more, you will be in a position to command a higher fee by virtue of the fact that you are a published author.
Published speakers, with a published track record, command a premium fee. In many cases, speakers can also offer a copy of the published work at a preferential rate for each participant in the session thereby increasing their yield from a speaking engagement.  Published speakers also generate most of their business from referrals which means that their level of repeat business is also significantly higher than the nor.
In this way, the speaker gains in two ways – the first is a premium rate as a published speaker and the second is an additional margin on the publications supplied as a support resource to the session concerned.
And this is where First Edition Publications can help the professional speaker, business trainer and business coach maximise each speaking and training opportunity.
After all, isn’t your published work the ultimate calling card? This was Gerry Faloona’s experience and he continues to publish his work on a regular basis. Gerry is in great demand at motivational, networking and developmental events across Ireland, the UK and further afield.

His past business experiences include: the building trade, the motor trade, finance, estate agency, oil, public sector, business development, motorsport, international property brokerage, restaurants, hospitality, TV and motorsport PR. Having spent in excess of 10 years as a professional speaker and host he is happiest when performing in front of audiences large and small.

Over the years, Gerry has assisted many businesses to open new doors in their fields of expertise by helping their teams be more personal, more confident, more inspirational and better sellers of that companies services and wares!

If you want your team members to become more motivated and inspired to do bigger and better things this year, if you want to entertain them during your next event, if you require a professional host or MC to help your next event go off with a bang, just give Gerry a call or drop him an email here.


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